At Leung Drawing Centre we like to create art that inspires, relaxes and educates our audience. We believe that art should be expressive, subtle, and refined while at the same time being able to blend in, be bold, and spontaneous. Art is a gift given to us and we should use it in an ethical and meaningful way. While not everything should be considered art (e.g. graffiti), art can be expressed in many ways, forms and genres. Our studio focuses mainly on realism and the representation of reality in its truest form. Nature is what inspires us most, as most of our drawings will come from natural environments and wild or domestic animals. We believe that by focusing on nature, we can support the environmental movement to help protect the earth from pollution and abuse. The environmental movement is one of the key motivations behind our mission. We also have an abstract and modern section that focuses on the artistic flare of innovation. Not only is art realistic but it can be inventive and creative in different ways. 


Jesse's private art lessons were under the tutoring of Vanessa Ng from Hong Kong. Her skills in drawing, colour pencil drawing, water painting and sketching were passed on to Jesse and she was one the greatest influences on Jesse's artistic ability. In high school, Jesse learned art under two teachers, Mrs Colburn and Ms. Lee, both from Pacific Academy. It was these mentors that shaped Jesse's career as an artist, making him who he is today.



Leung Art Studio started in October 2017, designed and operated by Jesse Leung. Jesse has been drawing for over 15 years and has only started selling his artwork recently. He has taken private art lessons for over 5 years, focusing mainly on drawing, sketching, coloured pencil drawing and some painting with water colours. He has also art and graphic art courses in high school coming up with projects like cartoon-like goldfish and a clay mold of a hand holding an eagle.


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